Why Riding In The Rain Is The Best Feeling Ever

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Although riding in the rain can be a lot of fun, it is extremely dangerous if one is not careful. Paying heed to some of these road safety tips can take you a long way!

Picture this: Raindrops caressing your face, a gentle breeze gushing through your being. All you can see ahead of you is an empty road meeting the horizon, as the trees beckon you to keep going. Without a doubt, the rain brings out the brightest colors in nature. 

While your mother may not agree, we can swear that there’s no experience that tops riding in the rain. Taking a bike out for a spin, as the rain descends upon you, is an empowering feeling.

The pure, primal connection that one feels with nature when riding in the rain is what makes it such an enjoyable experience, explains GoPro Man.

Although this comes with a warning - the roads are a dangerous place to be when it’s pouring, that is IF you’re not prepared. Let’s just say riding in the rain doesn’t have to come at the cost of a disapproving mother. A little bit of safety can take you a long way (no pun intended😏).

Top 5 Tips For Motorcycle Riding In The Rain

1. Keep your eyes on the road

When it’s raining cats and dogs, and the clarity on the road is low, you just can’t afford to be careless. Mist, newly paved roads affect visibility, although you can be at ease knowing that your bike tyres are sure to have better grip if it’s a freshly laid out road that you’re riding on.

However, there are other factors that you need to consider when riding in the rain like keeping your headlights on, watching out for signboards, and staying wary of obstacles on the road - potholes, puddles, stray animals, and fallen trees. If you do get stuck in a puddle, shift to second gear and just double rev!

2. Do not try stunts on the road (or anywhere else!)

The most important rule to make sure that you don’t encounter accidents on the way is being extremely cautious when riding in the monsoon. Goes without saying, you shall not attempt to wheelie on the road when it’s raining or try any other stunts. Be careful when you’re trying to overtake a heavy vehicle, as you’re at a high risk of getting splashed.

Mind you, when the visibility on the road is down to 50%, it’s not in your best interest to pull off a feat. Even though riding in the rain can be a lot of fun, it’s no time to channel your inner daredevil. We’d say better safe than sorry.

3. Slow and Steady

At the risk of sounding like a sign at the back of an Indian truck, “Speed thrills, but it kills”. Yes, you may be all powered up at the idea of zipping through the roads when it’s pouring but let’s not forget, there’s a reason that roads come with a speed limit. The rains spell bad news for your tyres if you’re overspeeding and they all the more prone to skidding, so go easy on that throttle! Good tyres ensure better grip on the road, especially when it’s raining so check those bad boys before you embark on a road trip.

4. Gear up

But before all this, let’s just take a step back, and rewind back to the moment when you’re getting ready for the ride. It’s a no-brainer but you can’t go on a long ride in the rain without getting drenched. That’s not ideal especially if you’re venturing off on a road trip. It helps checking everything off your mental checklist - waterproof jacket, waterproof boots, gloves, and helmet. Checked all? Let’s go!

5. Fuel and Refuel

What if you get stuck in an isolated area with an empty tank? Just imagine the horror of running out of fuel in the midst of nowhere and not having access to a fuel refilling station. As it happens, most fuel pumps in the hilly areas or even the more secluded spots, are likely to shut down early in the evening. To avoid the inconvenience of getting stuck without fuel in your bike, keep an eye out for your fuel indicator, and make sure that you fuel up whenever you get a chance.

In the unlikely scenario that your bike still breaks down in the middle of nowhere, take a quick peek at your spark plug and see if it needs to be wiped. If water has seeped through your fuel tank, look for the closest fuel station, drain and refill. If the bike is still giving you a hard time, you’re in luck. We understand that taking your own bike out during the monsoon is a risky bid and so we recommend that you skip the headache and get a bike on rent.

Fortunately, at Royal Brothers, we offer you a lot more than just a two-wheeler for rent. When you get a bike on rent, here’s what we offer additionally:

  • Helmet - Reflective gear
  • Extra fuse in case of water infiltration
  • 24/7 roadside assistance that reaches you at the earliest, depending on where the bike has broken down

When you opt for a bike rental with Royal Brothers, we do a thorough check to ensure that the brakes don’t give up on you, halfway through your trip, and more importantly, the bike is ready to ride the storm!


Pro tips from the GoPro Man:

  • Carry a rain liner for protection against heavy rain or if you’re encountered with a sudden downpour, wrap up all your stuff in a plastic bag as a secondary measure.
  • If the helmet visor fogs up, use the pin lock to detach it, give it a quick wipe, and latch it back on.
  • Although it takes away the fun quotient from off-roading, ABS is absolutely necessary to whizz past those pin curves. In the rare instance that the bike you’re riding doesn’t come with an integrated ABS braking, good control, and grip over the bike can do the trick.
  • Make sure that the inclination of your bike is straight at all times and keep to the right side of the lane.
  • For you, the road should be visible, for others you should be visible on the road. Exactly why reflective gears are a must.
  • If the rainwater gets into your bike chain, you can bid goodbye to your mental peace. This poses to be a distraction and is quite the mood killer. But, fret not. It’s nothing a little bit of greasing can’t fix!

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