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Beyond the regal heritage, cultural grandeur, and artistic glamour of Karnataka Tourism, lies an infinitely glorious natural world that is worth exploring. Come, take a journey with us, through Karnataka’s exuberant plantations, farms, orchards, and estates; an escape from the fuss and flurry of city life. Thriving, abundant, fragrant, rich, and green. There is something in the nature of spices that energizes and reawakens the soul.

And when you hop onto a Royal Brothers bike, the spirit is further lifted, and the only thing on the map is wanderlust. After all, bikes lead you to places that cars will never see. And with every mile covered, discoveries only mount higher. Are you ready for an unforgettable voyage? If yes, let the road trip commence with style and safety.

We wish you a beautiful day with South India’s most gifted condiments!

A Nature Lover's Paradise of Plantations in Karnataka

Stop 1 - Coffee

Karnataka is the largest producer of coffee in India, accounting for almost 70% of the country’s crops. The lush environs of Kodagu, Chikmagalur, and Hassan bloom with verdant coffee plantations, making it a prime spot to observe the art of coffee making and sample some delicious artisanal brews too. Whether you’re in the mood for ‘strong and hot’ or ‘light and cold’, there’s a tasty blend just for you. Chikmagalur’s Taj Garden is famous for its Panduranga coffee bean, which is grown with a lot of love and care by the local planters. Additionally, Jungle Greens sits by the thrilling Bhadra Tiger Reserve. This coffee garden is ensconced by emerald forests on all sides, and if you are really lucky, you might even catch sight of the wildlife. All you have to do is rent a bike from Royal Brothers, and these exquisite spots open up to you with ease.

Coffee Plantations in Karnataka

  • Distance from the closest big city -
    Mangalore to Kodagu - 150.7 km
    Mangalore to Chikmagalur - 150.4 km
    Bangalore to Hasan - 182.1km

Stop 2 - Tea

While Karnataka is not typically associated with tea, it is home to some luxuriant, aromatic plantations. Kodagu is the state’s highest tea producing region, and travellers will discover a smattering of tea farms amidst endless coffee plantations. In particular, a visit to the Glenlorna Plantation is simply magical. Did you know that the first tea bush of Karnataka was planted here in 1914, and blossoms till date? True story. Surrounded by 1,200 acres of manicured green land, the tea shrubs form part of a British legacy. Your bike will lead you past curved mud roads, through a universe of greenery, where the coffee and cardamom plants vanish and the sloping tea hills appear in plain view. You will feel as if you have time travelled to a different century, courtesy of the colonial-style bungalow, adorable architecture, and frequent visits from rare species of birds and butterflies.

Tea Plantations in Karnataka

Distance from the closest big city -

  • Mangalore to Kodagu - 150.7 km

Stop 3 - Cashew

When it comes to the beloved cashew nut, Karnataka occupies the sixth position in India’s aggregate production. The state is dotted with an array of tropical cashew trees that are harvested between February and May every three years. Typically, harvesting would comprise of picking nuts from the ground after they have matured. However, the fruit is also used to make stapes such as syrup, juice, jam and the extremely popular, Feni. Make sure to take a Feni tour, where you can observe the cashew apple being harvested, de-seeded, and accumulated to be crushed! Dakshina Kannada district followed by Udupi, Chikkaballapur, Belgaum, Kodagu, Kolar, and Uttara Kanada, comprise of the most farms in Karnataka. Simply steer your bike through these rich, evolving landscapes, and pause to admire its vibrancy. With Royal Brothers, your travels are made easy breezy.

Cashew Productions in Karnataka

  • Distance from the closest big city -
    Mangalore to Kodagu - 150.7 km
    Mangalore to Udupi - 55.5 km
    Mangalore to Belgaum - 440.9 km
    Bangalore to Chikkaballapur - 60.6 km
    Bangalore to Kolar - 65.6 km
    Mangalore to Dakshina Kannada District - 54 km

Stop 4 - Cardamom

Deemed as the Queen of aromatic spices, cardamom is one of the most special plantations to grace Karnataka, accounting for almost 23% of India’s combined yield. The crop is predominantly cultivated in an area of about 1,00,000 hectares, within the western ghats, touching upon Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. This powerful condiment can be used to flavour tea and coffee, offering hot beverages a delicious punch. Furthermore, it makes for an integral component in Indian desserts such as Kheer, Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa, and Kulfi. Make sure to tour the idyllic farms and homestays in and around Karnataka and along the Karnataka-Kerala border. When on a Royal Brothers bike, this experience becomes that much sweeter!

Cardamom Trees

  • Distance from the closest big city
    Bangalore to the Western Ghats - 464.1 km

Stop 5 - Pepper

Did you know that Karnataka has overtaken Kerala to become India’s leading pepper producer, constituting almost 45% of the total production? This full-flavored condiment is grown within coffee plantations itself, with approximately 40 to 80 pepper vines per land, depending on whether it is robusta or arabica. You cannot admire the pristine coffee beans without stopping to gaze at the pepper plant as well. And if cardamom is the Queen, pepper is definitely the king of spices. It used to season everything, from eggs to meats, vegetables to marinades, beverages to jams. It is the partner of salt and most often used in conjunction with one another. Meander off the biking path to explore on foot, and learn of the cultivation process.

Pepper Productions in Karnataka

  • Distance from the closest big city -
    Mangalore to Kodagu - 150.7 km
    Mangalore to Chikmagalur - 150.4 km
    Bangalore to Hasan - 182.1km

With a diverse and varied state such as Karnataka, one may find it challenging to embark on a road trip, navigating several different climates and topographies. But your adventure is made accessible with SOTC and Royal Brothers respectively. While one is in charge of planning your itinerary and stay, the other is responsible for getting you there safe and sound. Now, you can survey the many picturesque plantations, help yourself to unique blends, observe traditional farming techniques, take Instagram worthy pictures, and whizz past postcard sceneries. With SOTC’s amazing Karnataka Tour Packages, you will get to witness the birth of some soulful, healing, and revitalizing spices! It’s time to slow down, pull back, and appreciate the little things.


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