Bangalore to Mysore - Ways to Travel, Tourist Spots & Tips for the Best Experience

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The promise of vacation gives you the chance to pack what you can fit into a duffel bag and take a breather from the claustrophobia of the city. And like they typically say, it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that matters. When heading out of Bangalore towards Mysore, the NHs are replete with pit stops that are little anecdotes to the historic culture of Karnataka; be it the fluffy thatte idli or piping hot filter coffee - the quintessential light-on-the-stomach travel food. Since Science hasn’t yet made a strong case for teleportation, you will need to get from point A to point B with planned breaks.

Everything that you needed to know about travelling to Mysore from Bangalore. From the top tourist spots to the best ways to travel and travelling dos and don'ts, get them all here.

Top 5 Ways to Travel from Bangalore to Mysore

1. Train - Duration: 2 hours 🚋 

Probably the most popular way to travel from one city to the other is to take a 2-hour train. There are around 35 different trains taking the route, so you’re spoiled for choice. Depending on your convenience on time of travel, you can take your pick of A/C, non-A/C, seater, and sleeper trains.

2. Plane - Duration: 45 minutes ✈️

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the skies, then taking a flight might seem a little opulent, nonetheless, it’s pretty convenient. You reach within an hour, and a flight can cost you around Rs. 1000, which is not bad. Make sure you book a flight that doesn’t make a stopover because you might realize too late that it’s taking you longer than a road trip!

3. Road Trip - Duration: 3 hours 🏍

Probably the best, most scenic, and tempting way to travel is by road. Because of frequent traffic, the roads are 4 lanes wide, smooth, and an absolute joy to traverse. Whether by car or a bike rented from Royal Brothers, take the road most travelled from Bangalore to Mysore and back again.

4. Bus - Duration: 3 hours 🚌

When it comes to public transport, your safest bet is travelling by bus. Though not as enjoyable as riding in a car or better yet, renting a bike from Royal Brothers, it gets the job done with just a little bit of jolting around with every speed-bump and pothole.

5. Walk - Duration: 19 hours 🚶

Believe it or not, you can actually walk to Mysore from Bangalore! While to some it sounds absolutely bonkers, it takes 29 hours, without any breaks. There is actually a group of Gujaratis living in Bangalore, who on an annual basis just around Dussehra, walk from the IT city all the way to Chamundi Hills in Mysore to pay obeisance.

“I've ridden innumerable times on the Bangalore-Mysore highway over the last few years. Probably one of the safest and travel-friendly 145kms I've ridden in a single stretch. I never get tired of riding through those smooth and scenic roads.” - Dimpy Boddapati

                                                      (Instagram: @dimpy_boddapati)

The Journey From Bangalore To Mysore

The Indian winter season from October to February is generally the best time to visit Mysore. It shouldn’t take you more than 4 hours one way. Located approximately 150 kilometers from urban Bangalore, Mysore is the final destination to an absolute picturesque and activity-filled travel, not to mention memorable social media posts! If you’re a first-timer to Mysore, it would make sense of visiting Mysore Palace and the museum. Between breakfast in Bangalore and lunch in Mysore, you can fill your travel itinerary with a number of activities.

The most popular route from Bangalore to Mysore is NH 275. This could have its drawbacks including traffic and roadblocks due to road construction. Still, it attracts travellers and truck drivers, so expect anything from a Toyota to a truck. The next most popular route is NH 948, also known as the Kanakapura route.

Pit Stops - Bangalore to Mysore

Bidadi: If you aren’t aiming for a career with Toyota or Coca Cola, who are among a list of MNCs that have set up shop here, then Bidadi also offers a number of tourist spots worth the detour. Wonder La, the adventure resort is in Bidadi, though technically you would need an extra vacation day to explore its length and breadth. Another major tourist attraction of Bidadi is Innovative Film City, where you get to experience South Indian cinema up close and personal.

Ramanagara: For starters, the iconic Bollywood movie, Sholay was shot here. Who doesn’t want to re-enact the whole “Kitne aadmi the” scene?! Apart from its star-studded past, Ramanagara is the heart and soul of Indian sericulture. The raw silk industry has been thriving for generations and gets its name “Silk City” because of its penchant for good quality, sustainable fabric.

Srirangapatna: A number of monuments erected during the reign of Tipu Sultan have witnessed decades’ worth of sunrises and sunsets at Srirangapatna. And that should be reason enough to make a pit stop at this UNESCO Heritage Site. This thriving town has been embraced on all sides by the river Kaveri, making it an island in the middle of Karnataka’s Mandya district. It’s mesmerizing to see how these structures have stood the test of time, bearing witness to a glorious era, overtaken by the rapidity of modern life.

Channapatna: This place has something for the kids and a little something for the adults. If you’ve ever been to a sante in Bangalore or the annual Lalbagh flower show, you would have come across colorful toys made of wood and hand painted. These whimsical artefacts are what have made Channapatna famous especially with kids who had the fortune of living in a world before video games. So what’s in store for adults then? A winery! Few know that Karnataka has its own Napa Valley down South. World-class amenities and wine tasting opportunities are not to be missed if you decide to make a pit stop here.

Maddur: During Tipu Sultan’s reign, Maddur used to be the epicentre of ammunition manufacturing. Not anymore. It is now known for its deep-fried South Indian soul food - the maddur vada. Enjoy it with a cup of tea and you’re good to go for the rest of your ride. Another offering from Maddur is their bird sanctuary. And there is nothing more than a biker craves than being surrounded by nature. That’s why bikes don’t have a roof and doors to hold you in. A small stop here is definitely going to be worth an Instagram story!

“Motorbiking for me is pure happiness. It has made me more independent and the sense of freedom I get every time I hop on a motorcycle is implausible.” - Kanchana Ganga

                                                              (Instagram: @kanchanaganga)

We’re Here, Now What? - Top Tourist Spots in Mysore

  1. Mysore Palace
  2. Brindavan Gardens
  3. Mysore Zoo
  4. Bonzai Garden
  5. Rail Museum
  6. Balmuri Waterfalls
  7. Lingambudhi Lake
  8. Chamundi Hills

Once you’ve made it to Mysore and are settled in, there’s going to be so much to explore! Your rented bike with Royal Brothers is safe and will go smoothly on the highway as well as on city roads. Mysore also has ample parking space whenever you want to make a quick stop within the city limits. Rush hour traffic is light and those travelling from major cities will have no trouble navigating Mysore’s wide-spaced roadways.

Mysore is synonymous with South India’s cultural heritage. After a quick lunch of mylari dosa, you can choose to visit their many architectural wonders before taking a stroll through Brindavan gardens with its luscious blossoms. There’s always an experience around the corner for every type of traveller, from the laid-back one to the adventurous one.

And of course, what holiday is complete without taking home something traditional from Mysore? Apart from the memories on the DSLR, you can gift yourself and your loved ones, the partaking of this majestic city. Fit for any budget, pick up anything - silk sarees, sandalwood, and delectable sweets. You can pack these up and fit them snugly into a saddlebag, rentable from Royal Brothers.

Check out these amazing packages that allow you to explore the best of Mysore.

Dos and Don’ts while in Mysore:

  1. Mysore is an eco-friendly city, so avoid excess pollution
  2. Find out the timings of tourist spots before visiting
  3. Avoid the use of plastic bags, since they are technically banned
  4. Visit Chamundi Hills in the morning and evening to witness a spectacular warm sun
  5. Eat at the local haunts. Endorse local industrial brands
  6. Avoid smoking in public because it is banned
  7. If travelling by bike, rent a saddlebag from Royal Brothers for safe storage of goods
  8. Locals are friendly, but their pace is slower than that of bustling cities. Take a chill pill and vibe with the vibe

Looking for a place to stay in Mysore? Maybe this list will help.

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